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Evolution – survival of the fittest…

evolution - survival of the fittest

In 1996, we designed, built and installed our first exhibition stand. Unbeknown to us at that time, this exhibition was the start of a journey that was going to take us around the globe with some great brands.

Our core value proposition quickly evolved – providing clients with creative and innovative excellence – and, culturally, we performed with honesty, transparency and friendliness.

Designing, building and installing exhibition stands gave us transferable skills and tools to provide retail solutions. By the turn of the millennium, we were managing window schemes and in-store retail solutions high street fashion stores like, the C&A group, Jacques Vert, L’Oreal, Shelly’s Shoes etc.

The formation of Marsden Direct Group in 2003 consolidated our businesses into a very complete and rounded offering. Since then, we have provided face-to-face marketing solutions for our clients and their communities – and we have grown organically into a company that provides solutions globally and, over time, we have become increasingly, mindful of the impact we have on our environment. Today, we endeavour to leave a positive legacy in every way we perform.

The COVID-19 pandemic has, like for so many, impacted our lives in so many ways. For our business, exhibitions have been cancelled, events have moved on-line, in-store marketing has had restrictions. Nonetheless, we have diversified and provided in-store sanitisation solution services for sports stadia, cinema chains and alike – all in readiness for the return to the new normal. The pandemic has also given us valuable time to prepare to return to our world of face-to-face marketing; reflect and consider the journey to what we have become; how we can best prepare for the new and, potentially, uncertain future.

The journey to this article started last summer. We took the time to consider the products and services we provide to our clients – and also the roles key personnel will play. The outcome has been an evolutionary process whereby we have identified core competencies in specific disciplines and will be developing them for the benefit of our clients in the coming months.

The outcome is, Marsden Direct Group has evolved into an entity that manages a group of companies that provide marketing services to our clients and their communities. At this time, we have:
Marsden Exhibitions – providing events and exhibition stand design and build services that deliver ‘best in class’ solutions from shell schemes to larger bespoke exhibition stands
Luga Baruga – specialising in the manufacture and installation of ideas in the physical world – visual merchandising, brand communication, props and retail installations

What are the plans for the future?

Intrinsic to the core of all our businesses, is the power of creativity and innovation to build a better world for our clients and their communities through face-to-face and integrated marketing communications. Our culture will be one of integrity, transparency, friendliness and excellence. Plans are in development to rekindle and develop the core skills to deliver brand activation – and we are working towards providing 360º marketing services for our clients.

Watch this space. It is a very exciting time to be at Marsden Direct Group – and we hope you will enjoy the journey with us!



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