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High growth – what it means for ‘group’


In continuing our story from August, we are now bouncing back – post pandemic; post brexit – and embarking on a high growth programme across the group. In this article, we talk about what those steps are – digital transformation; investing in talent; sustainability – and why we are taking them.

Digital transformation – our next steps...

Before we start talking about digital transformation, let’s be clear on what it means – answering the question, ‘what is digital transformation?’ Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to either create new or modify existing business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet the changing needs of business and market requirements. It transcends traditional sales, marketing, and customer service roles. Digital transformation is how you think about, and engage with, customers. As we have moved from paper to spreadsheets to smart applications for managing our business, we have to reimagine how we do business – how we engage our prospects and customers – digitally.

As a mature business, Marsden Exhibitions began future-proofing the organisation eight years ago. The pandemic has allowed us the time to plan and build our sales pipeline digitally – allowing us to identify business pinch points more easily – become flexible, and ready to grow!

The decision to embark on the sales and marketing digital transformation has not been an easy one. It has meant letting go of our tried and trusted way of doing things – and this has meant ‘change’ and asking ourselves if we are really doing the right thing. It began with a forensic investigation of business to help identify where we exceed (and where we do not); test and measure; roll-out. A by-product of this activity has been to identify sectors and territories where we excel – and consider where we can transfer those skill sets and expertise – and this is incredibly valuable. 

For Marsden Exhibitions, digital transformation is what has been embraced; it is now bearing fruits – and we are excited about the future!

Likewise, Luga Baruga is embracing the same strategy. As a younger company, it is currently working through a period of evaluation. By Easter 2022, a foundation for growth will have been scoped and a vision of the future will materialise.

Investing in talent – crucial for a competitive advantage...

Investing in talent – our greatest asset – will be a crucial component of unlocking our competitive advantage. In creating our high growth plan, we have begun scoping a vision of the resource that the businesses will need in the future. We have visualised what the business will look like in five years; presented it to the team; offered them support to achieve their personal goals – and the goals of the business.

In addition, we want to bring on board talent that believes in our mantra of creative innovative excellence; add value to what we can do for clients; and, ultimately, provide our clients with an edge over their competitors when they work with us.

To see where we are investing in talent, the career pages for Luga Baruga and Marsden Exhibitions will be regularly updated with the roles.

Sustainability – it starts at home…

An increasingly topical and important subject, sustainability has been part of our ethos for many years now. Many of the solutions we provide are ‘temporary’ solutions and can have high wastage content – and, in many instances, this is inevitable and unavoidable. What we aim to achieve in these instances is the use of products that are reusable, recyclable and/or have minimal impact on the environment. The result being that, in many instances, we are advising clients of the features and benefits of the sustainable products we are using at the point of purchase. It is important to note, that any wastage we create that complies with the UK Government D6 is now used to partially heat our offices!

Independent of all the measures we have undertaken, we have recently begun the transition to full electric vehicles with the business owner, Chris Marsden,  leading by example with the lease of a Hyundai electric vehicle. As other vehicles come up for renewal, we will be endeavouring to migrate to electric vehicles where we are able.

Coming soon – another business in the group…

Within the group we also have a business with no identity that generates a considerable amount of revenue and profitability – namely:

  • Large format digital print
  • Small format digital print
  • Digital print cutting (CNC)
  • Sustainable graphic solutions
  • Portable display equipment – such as roller banners


EXPO Services will be the brand that will take this business forward in the near future!



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